V I D E O  G A M E S


God of war Series

Action - Adventure games

I have a strong interest on this genre of game ​and mostly because of :

  • Immersive Story and gameplay.

  • How well made Level Design.

  • Pattern of the enemies.

  • The way of mission design is made .

  • Narrative approach to Level design. 

  • Satisfaction after beating a boss.

God of war series is my best experience ever.

It has the perfect mix of adventure and puzzle with the addition of mythologies  

Puzzle games - Exploration

Shadow of Colossus


Puzzle solving is my calm moment in action-adventure games, but I admire also the puzzle base genre because of : 

  • the satisfaction of solving a puzzle. 

  • the experimentation. 

  • The calm of the environment.

In term of solving puzzle and exploration, I can't think of something better experience that shadow of colossus gives, which had very great music that helps a lot the game feel. 

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