Global Game jam- Theme: Transmission

Pitch of the game : 

Pass the note is a dynamic puzzle game where the main character has to give a love letter to his crush without getting busted by the teacher, but you can't trust anyone in the class.  

Table of Contents

Producer - Game designer - Level designer

48 hours  

Team of 7 developers (including beginners)

Global Game Jam - Paris, France 

Tasks : 

Plan and coordinate with with group 

Create 3 dynamic puzzle maze, so that players understand how the core mechanic of the game work 


Experience : This Global Game Jam was my one of my best experiences ever, i met lot of developers that are  really motivated to make projects .

The project went really well, we had fun and I tested lot of creative games.

Visuals - Documents of the project


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


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