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Personal project

[Currently in development]

Level Designer - Game Designer

Currently in development 

Team: Game designer [Me] - Game Programmer

Paris, France 

Tasks : 

Create a concept and level design of an immersive story and with a simple mechanic with a moral ending

Create Asset that will help the astmophere of the game 

Experience :  It's start as a student project with my colleagues to make a concept, inspired from life experience. We tried to focus on the idea on making a story with moral ending, and also to design the enemy as the hole level .  

After the presentation, in end of October, i decided to prototype it , likely a great friend of mine who wants to train by working on Unity C#, i'm working on blender for modeling and animation . Also extend the level design.

It's still in progress, we have lot of bugs in term of collusion with character, we try our best to respect the deadline we assigned .

Visuals - Documents 

First look of Cutscenes

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