July 2019 - Present


Pitch of the game : 

Neocity is a building game in a Cyberpunk world where you play as a Core AI who survived the apocalypse that can create & control servants that lives for a certain amount of time, the Core AI's goal is to build the most powerful city possible. 

Table of Contents

Game Designer Team of 6 (including 2 interns)
Full-Time - Saint-Etienne 
Genre of the project  :

Skill & Software I used:

- Game System in a flowchart

- Design document 

Step i was in the project : 

- Conception Step

Tasks : 
- Create the core mechanic of the game in a document 

- Create the Game Flow document  

Experience of the project :

The project just started for a few days still no big problems for now

Visuals - Documents of the project



GAME FLOW -In-Progress

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