Is this real ?

Student project

Description : "Is this Real ?" is a runner action game where the main character is stuck in a simulator loops, and the progress in the level affect the story since there is no restart level conditions. playing your own mistakes.   

Level Designer - Narrative Designer 

48 hours  

Creative School & Community  - Lille, France 

Tasks : 

Create a deep story with lot of choices that affect the gameplay by using Twine.

Create Level design and effects that will help to immerse throught the story 

Experience : After learning lot of skills in term on narrative design, I decided to test my skills on the next project.

After deciding with my partner in the project to make a game that involves no re-spawn but it affect the history, in other term, playing your own mistakes.

We couldn't do meet-ups during this week, in the fifth day my partner in the project left the school without warning me and he got all the main program in Unity, so I had to remake the whole project by myself so I used for the first time Unreal Engine's blueprint system to remake. 

In the end, the presentation was successful and I learned the next time to always make meet-ups to avoid those problems.  

Visuals - Documents 


Level design - Level 1  - Mock-up  

The experience of "is this real ?"  is the feeling of confusion that the camera effect will change Normal => blur => Tilted => reverse

Asset 3D 


The 3d modeling , I made with Blender to make the mock-up on level 1,2 

Narrative/event Flowchart

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