Fixing a puzzle : God of war II

God of war II the action-adventure that most players remember with it violence and the good feeling of the controls with some puzzle elements mostly physics-based. 

I decided to remake or to fix a puzzle that some players got stuck for a while in it and either quit the game or cheated by looking at websites or asking friends the solution.

Which puzzle you are going to fix ? : this puzzle take place after defeating the barbian boss and explore for a little bit.   

I started by identify the problems of the level. by looking where usually 

Thought process of a player for the first time to solve this puzzle : 

What is the objective : "go pass through door " 

Note! the save point that you can see through the door is very  important. It gives the player a bigger motivation to absolutely finish the puzzle and save his progress. 

Step 1 :  the player step on the pressure plate and realize only half the door opens 

Step 2 :  by exploring on the left, the player find the second pressure plate and almost crumbled wall and destroy it 

and find a little place with water passing by 

lot of players question themselves '' what the point of this little room" .

Of course the players try the pressure plate and realize  it's the second half to open the door 

so logically, here the player will try to find a heavy object 

Step 3 :  by exploring on the right,  the player find a lever , when he pull it , he find a corpse, which is perfect to solve his problem.


But also there another crumbling wall and the player destroy it, two exploding mobs appears in the little room, the player back off and kill them. 

Step 4 :  Then the player lift up the corpse to put it the centered pressure plate and then the player goes to the other plate . 

After trying the double jump roll and found out it won't work unless he finds a way to put the corpse in the second plate 

but there is spikes and the player can't jump while lifting up the corpse 

Step 5 :  Now, the player have to find a way to put the corpse on the second pressure plate. 

the only way to do that, you have to put the corpse in the little river on the right hall 

and grab it from the left side river.

the player puts the corpse on the second pressure plate 

Step 6 :  Finally the player will go on and step on the first pressure plate and roll and finish the puzzle 

List of problems : 

- the player doesn't always realize that the water can push the corpse. 

- the player don't know if there is a connection between the two rooms that are on the right and left  

- if the player doesn't solve the puzzle he is stuck there forever.  

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