April 2019 - July 2019    3 months

Pitch of the game : 


CIH CITY  is an arcade runner mobile game where you incarnate an alien who has to collect coins in every level but you have to avoid the obstacles in different ways 

Table of Contents

Level Designer Team of 6 (including 2 interns)
Full-Time  - Saint-Etienne 
Genre of the project  :
Arcade - Runner 

Step i was in the project : 

- Polish Step

- Play-test Step

- After shipping Step

Tasks : 
- Make levels  with progressive difficulty.

- Find bugs in the game by testing.

Experience of the project :


Problems : 

- Not organized files.  

- Random merge problems of Sourcetree/Git.

- Overtime work to manage the deadlines.


Solutions : 

- Created my own folder and communicate with the programmer to know about the 

- Saved back-up files.

- Found new ways to respect my deadlines 

Experience learned :  

- Learned consequences from unorganized files.

- Learn new way to manage deadlines

- Problems that lot of indie companies has.

- Importance of a good quality game.

Visuals - Documents of the project


Over 400 Patterns made, at least 20 patterns for every level

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