April 2019    1 Week

Pitch of the game : 

Amaze Splat is a Puzzle mobile game, where you incarnate a Ball who wants to color all the white spaces. 

Table of Contents

Level Designer - Team of 2 Interns

Full-time - Saint-Etienne, France 
Genre of the project  : Puzzle game 

Skill & Software I used:

- Level Editing Unity 

Step i was in the project : 

- Polish Step ( Final Step of the project)

Tasks : 
- Design Levels with different difficulties for an Arcade Runner and 10 x 6 Puzzle.

Experience of the project :


Problems : 

- The trend to make hard difficulty levels

Solutions : 

- A scale difficulty Line

Experience learned :  

- Scale Difficulty line works but the process is long.

Final Visuals 


I made 40 different levels in the final version of the game, here's  some examples :

Full Walkthrough

Process of to make the levels


Step 01 : 

List all mechanics that can be done in the game with just 4 directions

Step 02 : 

Make the level 10 x 6 directly in Unity (to manage deadline)

Step 03: 

Test it and scale it in the line difficulty criteria : number of mechanics in the level, number of moves  

Step 04: 

Finalize the level

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