2 Feet 2 Eat

Game jam - Theme : Heads up, we get up

Table of Contents



Level Designer - Game Designer 

78 hours  

Team of 8 students

IIM - Paris, France 

Tasks : 

Create a clear Level design 

Coordinate with the group to make a clear level 

Description : 2 FEET 2 EAT is a hard control game where the player has to make a zombie walks to eat the human in the house before he escapes, also the player has to dodge all the traps. 

Experience : During this game jam, we tried to make a hard control game.

So we coordinate to respect a plan, but after the first day the programmers had lot of bugs on the main character that they couldn't solve it. 

So I tried to convince the group to rethink about the concept, but since i hadn't a well structured new idea. 

I made the Level design to be challenging  for the players 

 In the end, it was a bad idea to stick with the same idea, so  it was a buggy game i have learned that next time, i have to prepare a backup concept . 

Visuals - Documents


Game Mechanics 

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